To thrill you

Dreaming and visualising your fishing experience. Planning each moment of your getaway, anticipating your adventure, discovering extraordinary locations. The pleasure of fishing begins with imagining your trip To give life to your dreams and to make your passion an unforgettable experience, Banana Rods will do what it takes… We will create the ideal fishing rod for you.


For each fisherman

We design our products to meet two key requirements: quality and performance. You can therefore be sure that you have the best rod on the market, a luxury item created just for you. A rod perfectly crafted to suit your needs, your desires and your fishing habits. A unique item.


You will not forget


Tell us about yourself, your desires and fishing habits. This will help us guide you towards the ideal model of rod for you, after which we will invite you to test your future Banana Rod in actual fishing conditions. Each type of fishing needs a specific, unique rod. Once you have chosen your model, you will be involved in its crafting – you will choose its look, colour and finish depending on your tastes.


Hand-built in France


Our experienced technicians produce each rod in accordance with strict manufacturing protocols, unique in the world of fishing rods. A veritable work of art, created to fit your image. Because every angler is unique...


To our recognised traditional expertise, we add cutting-edge technologies and exclusive composite materials from our partner research laboratories. The combination of these complex techniques requires a rigorous methodology and extreme precision, worthy of the clock-making industry.


for perfection

Keeping our promise of quality is our principal commitment, along with offering a product that is consistent from the design stage to manufacture. This is why we apply strict controls to the production chain, from A to Z.  


Our products, developed and manufactured in France, are the result of BANANA RODS' own specifications, our exclusive knowledge and expertise, and our ongoing attention to detail.