David - T48 12' 3,25lb

Just got back from a gravel pit session, what a pleasure: awesome action on the fish, and looks wicked too. I love my Japanese green banana rods and their lines - thanks again for these little gems and the advice. My banana rods are the best rods I’ve ever had - they’ve way surpassed my expectations!

Richard - T48 12’6 3,5lb


Again let me say thank you to everyone at banana rods for your help and great customer service.  I will certainly be recommending your company to my friends and fellow anglers.

Danny - T48 12' 3,5lb

Finally christened my banana rods! And a new UK PB at 35lb must be a good omen! Thanks for the fantastic rods!

Sébastien - T48 12' 3,25lb

Thank you to all the team for having realized this project and respect the delivery time so that I can do my enduro, so cool.

Philippe - T48 12' 3,5lb

The finish of the T48 is perfect. The rod action is stunning, and finally some rods that are made in France, congratulations for rising to this challenge. The 3.5 is very powerful, but still very pleasing to the touch, even with small fish. Having a final proof showing the finish of the rods is a real bonus. The conversations I had with Valentin over the phone were very professional and friendly, as was the order tracking. There were over 3 months between ordering and delivery, but when it’s such a luxury item you have to learn to be patient.

Emilie - VECTRUM X 12'6 3,5lb

I’m very satisified with my banana rods, a real pleasure even on small fish, and I’m still impressed every time I cast. It can reach improbable distances with bewildering ease. The banana rods are unrivalled for fishing, and look amazing. Faultless sales team, too - everything is perfect. Being able to track your order throughout the manufacturing process is really amazing and keeps us waiting with bated breath until these gems are delivered. Thank you for your professionalism - I’ll be back for another order soon!

Carl - VECTRUM X LIGHT 12'6 3,5lb

I’ve been fishing for 35 years - still fishing, fly fishing, bait etc. - but mainly carp fishing for the last 30 years. So I have used a range of different rods, of varying brands and qualities. I can therefore say that my banana rods are exceptional in terms of handling for casting and precision, but especially for how enjoyable they are during fish fighting. Whether the fish is 3kg or 20kg (sorry, that’s my limit), you get the same pleasure. The rod seems to work according to what fish you’ve got. And to choose the rods, I just called them up - they gave me all the details, and I was able to choose markings for my first two rods. The photos gave me a preview, all within the advertised delivery window. So I had no hesitation in ordering a third rod the following year to complete my set. And the new one is identical in every way to the 2 first ones - I have to look at the number to see which is which. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, and recommend it to everyone - treat yourself! The price may be high, but these are rods to last a lifetime.

Alan - T48 12’ 3,25lb

Just unpacked my rods & they look fantastic........over the moon with them,can’t wait to try them.Thank you so much for your company s excellent service,will have to order spodmarker in the new year so it all matches.

Once again thank you !

Roland - T48 12' 3,25lb

Thank you Banana Rods for this product. Rods that are really nice to use, easy to cast (even with a stick float that’s too full), and kind on the fish (tested and approved by grass carp!). In terms of the look, I wasn’t sure whether to get the AC/DC or the Queen of Snow, but I think I made the right choice :)

Fabien - T48 12'6 3.5lb

The T48 are very versatile rods - I’ve had mine for 2 years and I’m very happy with them!

Julien - T48 12’ 3,25lb


I’m over the moon!!! These babies feel great - good physical sensation when you’re in a fight, and they’re accurate. The equipment is beautiful and high quality - a real joy. I’d buy them again in a heartbeat. Haven’t yet had a chance to try long distance casting, but for casting over shorter distances the kit already goes where you want it to. Thank you again - I might be back soon to complete this set of rods!

Dimitri - VECTRUM X 12'6 3,5lb

I’m very satisifed with my fishing rods from Banana Rods. They bring me joy with all types of carp, whether in ponds, lakes or rivers. And they really match my requirements: for my last order, I went with two vectrum X so as to be able to cast further and find the fish in their natural habitat, and after a few casts I’ve really increased my distances. The difference with other rods on the market is that these are French rods, you can customise the spec to get the look you want, and they live up to expectations performance-wise thanks to the very high-quality materials used. This means you can get a unique rod that suits your profile. And finally, I found the communication easy, enjoyable and pretty responsive, both over the phone and by email. Also, being able to allow people to come into the factory to try the rods you’re interested in, and see how they’re made with the visit to the factory. And emailing photos of the rods before they’re sent off for completion enables you to be sure that all the criteria you’ve asked for have been respected, and for me it also shows a guarantee of quality.

Gaetan - CROSS 11’ 3,5lb


Thank you for this nice work! Indeed I confirm this sensation with the fish! True jewelry!a

Christian - CROSS 11’ 3,25lb

Great job, thank you to the Banana Rods team for these very fine rods.

Frédéric - CROSS 11’ 3,25lb

A big thank you to the team at Banana Rods for this set of rods that has helped me catch an exceptional fish - this catch belongs to you too!

Florent - CROSS 11’ 3,25lb

Strength mixed with pleasure, and followed up with a great aftersales support team that listens to the customer! A pleasure - thank you, Banana Rods team.

Jérôme - T48 13’ 3,5lb

What a joy - great feel, nice suppleness with the fish, formidable casting accuracy and very powerful, basically I love it. Thank you thank you, it really is just what I was looking for, and the customer service has been remarkable.


Grégory - HELIOS 2-10g 7’ monobrin Bait Finesse

This rod is at the top of the top ! Thank you Banana Rods !!!!! 

Kevin - HELIOS 7-70  Wide Game casting 

I’ve jerked a 20g bait, a real pleasure, and in fish fighting it bends perfectly.

Régis - HELIOS 7-70  Wide Game casting 

I was sceptical but now that I have it with me at the water’s edge I can confirm that the blank adapts perfectly to the lure you’re using within this wide power range. An exceptional blank, from the little I’ve seen in my 15 days of fishing...

Jonathan - HELIOS 7-70  Wide Game Spinning 

Thank you Banana Rods for this piece of craftsmanship, just amazing. I haven’t caught any fish yet, but for drift fishing and vertical jigging it’s brilliant!